Sunday, March 19, 2006


When Wine Spectator's Top 100 list comes out every December, I rush to find as many affordable and available bottles on the list to add to my collection. The 2001 DAMILANO BAROLO was #60 and has just started to make its way onto shelves. It is readily available and can be purchased for around $25.

The price of this wine is highly attractive for a Barolo. Most Barolos are much more expensive and you can quickly find yourself in the $50 range for anything receiving respectable reviews or ratings.

Wine Spectator gave this wine 92 pts, but I was less enthusiastic. The nose was a bit oaky. It had nice cedar notes and cherry flavors, but overall it didn't blow me away. It lacked both the smoothness and character I had hoped for. It does have good tannic structure, but it is too acidic. It is a big wine, so you can lay it down and all that acidity and tannin means it will age well. However, there are so many better wines at this price point or less that are worth exploring. Improved when tasted the second day.


88 PTS
Affordable Barolo to add to the cellar, but everyday drinkers should pass. It is overrated and disappointing.


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