Monday, May 15, 2006


After tasting Gunderloch's high end Gold Cap Riesling at Wine Spectator's Grand Tour, I sought out a bottle of my own. This Riesling from Gunderloch is a step down in price and sweetness, but still a tremendous bottle.


Wonderful crisp acidity and the golden color of light corn syrup. Hints of pineapple, with tart apples and the sweet bite of white grape juice made from concentrate.


95 PTS
This is a tremendous wine. Not as bold or shocking as the Auslese Gold Cap, but this is serious Riesling. At $28 a bottle, it is worth every penny. Mouth watering delicious.


  • Gunderloch is one of the great examples of Top German Riesling. If one likes hot and spicy Asian cuisine, this producer will not disappoint.
    Aromatic, perfumed, fresh, excitingly racy and well balanced between acidity and a whisper of natural sweetness is a pleasure to drink with Thai, Sze-Chuan, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Indonesian food. Certainly the dry version [trocken] is also available for traditional European fish or seafood dishes.
    Recommended Top Producers [Fruity German Riesling]:
    - Donnhoff
    - Dr. Loosen
    - Fritz Haag
    - Egon Muller
    - Robert Weil etc
    Recommended Top Producers [Dry German Riesling]:
    - Dr. Burlin Wolf
    - Georg Breuer
    - Heymann Lowenstien
    - Keller
    - Robert Weil etc

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