Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I know it is officially summer because we've had fireworks, MI3, Superman, Pirates and hot, humid weather, but do I really have to start drinking Rose, White Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Blanc? If you are like me, you spend a lot of time inside with the air conditioner cranked up, so why must we turn to light and white? Why not simply adjust the thermostat, pretend it's a chilly fall day and open up some RED wine? After all, the summer should be about taking time to drink good wine you enjoy, so stop hiding complex reds in the cellar just because it's sunny. Drink them. I know I plan to all summer long which is why I opened up this bottle of Chianti.

Comforting, soft oak aromas. Light in color, medium bodied with sharp dry tannins, delicate toasty oak, mellow licorice and plum. Good finish.


89 PTS
Wonderful flavors but doesn't explode in the mouth. Leaves you wanting bigger fruit, more oak, and more concentration than it puts forward. A very good wine, but one that teases the taste buds in a frustrating way. If this wine was richer and fuller bodied it would be phenomenal. This is the kind of wine that will please wine drinkers that are not fond of Chianti or big reds because it is so approachable and easy to drink. A good value at $18.


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