Thursday, August 31, 2006


Sean Thackrey, artist and wine-maker, names almost all his wines after constellations. Since most Americans turn their noses up at Sangiovese (Chianti), he set out to prove that great Sangiovese can be made in California. The grapes are from Eaglepoint Ranch, Mendicino but the craftmanship is all Thackrey.


Thackrey believes all his wines taste better the day after they are opened and I have to agree with him. It is from him that I have learned to do this with every wine that I taste. I always taste each bottle again the second day before writing a review so that I am able to form a well-rounded opinion.

The nose is a mix of cherry, red fruits and menthol. Complex and very tight, yet the wine immediately reveals a plethora of eucalyptus and blackberry with a hint of pepper. The next day currant, plums and forest floor emerge harmoniously.


88 PTS
Thackrey's unique artistry abounds in this excellent effort. I first tasted this wine over a year ago from an unlabeled bottle I bought directly from the winery (they had just bottled it and were offering it pre-labeled). I distinctly remember it having significantly more character than this bottle. Both were from the 2002 vintage. Not sure if it is from bottle variation or a change that occurred during its evolution in my cellar. Regardless, if you love Thackrey's wine innovation, you'll love this Sangiovese concoction. Pricey at $40 a bottle.


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