Friday, October 27, 2006


Charbono (pronounced Shar-BO-no) is a rare, bold, red grape that is grown primarily in California. Its origin is somewhat of a mystery. Some believe it is an Italian grape since it can be found in both Dolcetto and Barbera vineyards while others believe it comes from France where it can also be found.

While often used in blending, very few vineyards actually produce Charbono labeled reds. I am a huge fan of this varietal that is deeply saturated and concentrated. Perhaps the only other grape that comes close to the purple ink color of Charbono is Petite Sirah.

Summers Charbono is estate grown from their "Villa Andriana" Vineyard in Calistoga. The production is limited (about 2000 cases). The wine has an alcohol content of 13.2% and is aged in a mix of new and old American Oak.


Full bodied, rich, lush texture with a lively smoothness. Wonderful grape Bubblicious bubble gum scents and flavors along with blueberry/blackberry on the palate. Tremendous purple color.


90 PTS
I adore this wine. Its candy nose and bright fruit are heavenly. Really happy I bought two bottles of this one, almost regret that I didn't buy more. Highly recommend. Although I bought this wine for much less, it retails for around $28 a bottle if you buy direct from the Summers Winery.


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