Saturday, December 09, 2006


Convento Cappuccini has been producing wines since the 17th century. Through its long history, the goal has remained the same: to produce stylish yet simple made wines that are easy to drink. This Italian red made from the Nebbiolo grape has 13.5% alcohol.


Light, transparent red color with a thin to medium weight mouthfeel. When first opened the wine exhibits strong aromas of shoe polish and leather. After it breathes for awhile the traditional Barolo nose of tar and roses appears followed by flavors of leather, sweet tobacco, cherry cough syrup, tart berries and a hint of licorice on the mid-palate. Extremely dry, tart and acidic with a little heat that eventually settles down. The short finish disappears in a blink.


87+ PTS
For a $20 Barolo this has some really nice flavors bouncing around. However, it is perhaps too acidic and tart. It is slightly out of balance, not round, and lacks harmony. Barolos by design exhibit mouth drying tannins, but here the alcohol and structure are not in agreement. If you have never tasted Barolo before this is a cheap introduction to the varietal since most Barolos will run you $50 or more. May improve over time.


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