Friday, January 12, 2007


It is so great to be drinking and enjoying wine again. Over the Christmas holiday I had a bad cold. I couldn't taste anything and even the hint of alcohol would bring my resistance down and make me feel worse. I looked at all the bottles in my cellar and they stared back at me unapologetically. I wondered for a moment what would happen if I never got to taste these wines. We take our health for granted.

It did make me wonder how the Robert Parker's, Tanzer's and Vaynerchuk's of the world survive when they get sick. Tasting is their life, their business. If they can't taste, things come to an abrupt halt.

Well I'm glad to be back and thrilled to be drinking and experiencing the pleasures of wine again. So without any further tangents, onto the wine.


Black-red color with lots of coffee, cherry, vanilla and chocolate on the nose. In the mouth, it is lush with firm tannins and relatively smooth with a little heat that dissipates. Flavors of rich blackberry, plum, cherry and cassis on the slightly acidic finish.


89+ PTS
This Portuguese red was close to a 90 point wine for me, but just not quite there. The bottle says it has 14% alcohol but I think it is probably north of that. A very good wine, with a great nose but lacks some finesse. Retails for around $15 - $20.


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