Sunday, February 04, 2007


I've raved about Boekenhoutskloof wines on here before. They are one of the top South African producers. Their wines are complex, rich, delicious and great values.

This Syrah is 14.5% alcohol and from Franschhoek.


Full bodied with a dark ruby red color and a nose of asphalt, woodsmoke, and bacon. A big red with lots of smokey spice, game, red fruit, a hint of coffee and black cherry on the finish. Smooth mouthfeel and meaty structure.


91 PTS
This wine retails for around $35 a bottle but I purchased it on clearance for a mere $14. Excellent wine with an exotic blend of flavors. Definitely not for everyone, but wine geeks like myself will be thrilled with what this red can deliver. It is is full of the smokey meat and saturated headiness that you yearn for from great South African Merlots and Syrahs. That said, I'm not convinced it is worth $35 a bottle since there are many cheaper reds from this region that can compete with this one.


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