Monday, September 10, 2007


I couldn't think of a better vintage to open than the 1989. Not because it is the best vintage from this Chateau, but simply because it was the "right" year. I drank this bottle over the weekend with a special group of people who had essentially come together in 1989. As those grapes were ripening and the wine was just beginning so were our friendships...


Ruby red color with brown at the edges. Oak and cedar on the nose with strong toasted oak notes and subdued flavors of cherry kirsch, herb and menthol. Slightly closed down.


89+ PTS
A top-notch Bordeaux with significant bottle age, but coloring and flavor profile perhaps suggest that the best years are behind this one. Turning the corner of the drinkable arch and now on its downward descent. If you own it, it is time to pop the cork. If you don't, this would be expensive reach.


  • Had a bottle over this past winter and will again be having some tonight. I would rate it much higher than 89+ and would give it a 97. Starts out very closed but opens up quickly. Lots of leather and tobacco. Silky and delicious. I suspect this wine is at its peak right now so it should be opened but I'd be interested to see if I'm wrong and may try another bottle next year.

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