Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Haliya wines are named after the Goddess of the moon and Protector of women in Philippine mythology. It is believed that everytime the beastly serpent of the night takes a woman’s form and wreaks havoc upon countless villages, it is the Goddess Haliya who comes to their rescue.
The wines are made in the tropical islands of the Philippines. The fruit is picked by hand and aged before release.


The Mango wine has a pale gold color with a unique nose of stale cigarette smoke and citrus. On the palate, it is light, smooth yet a good amount of viscosity. Flavors of citrus and mellow mango are followed up by a sweet-sour finish of honey. The wine has an alcohol content of 13%.
The 100% Black Plum wine has an burnt sienna/amber color with aromas and flavors of cabbage and fermented vegetables and berries. The wine has an alcohol content of 12%.


75 PTS - Mango Wine
65 PTS - Black Plum Wine
I wanted to love these wines. I was excited to sample wines from the Philippines. The Mango wine is clearly the better offering, but it is missing the wonderful flavor of mango. It is as if the mango flavor is completely subdued and overshadowed by generic citrus. The cigarette smoke on the nose is intriguing and perhaps the standout feature of the wine. I love vegetal wines but I fear that the Black Plum wine would be too much for even the greatest lovers of Cabernet Franc. There is serious fermented vegetables on both the nose and palate so much so that it comes off as unpleasant.

Stylistically, both wines are very different than fruit wines you'd taste from anywhere else in the world. For a new experience alone you might want to seek these out, but at $14.99 a bottle they are expensive novelties.
Both wines can be purchased at www.finewinehouse.com or at Seafood City Supermarket branches throughout California. You can also obtain more info at haliyawines.com.


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